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Restorers Without Borders is a furniture repair and restoration workshop.

The staff is comprised of eight woodworking professionals who are skilled in all aspects of furniture restoration -- structural repairs, stripping &  refinishing, carving, French polishing, hand-painting, gold-leafing...and more.

The workshop has been in existence for about thirty years.

It began as a small two-person group specializing solely in antique restoration for an antique import business and provided ongoing woodworking skills singularly supporting  a retail antique business.

Clients of the antique business were afforded the opportunity to transform their old world purchases into pieces that would conform to and accommodate modern day conveniences -- interior fit-outs for such items as television and/or bathroom commodes, antique bed fit-outs that would accept modern day queen and king size mattresses and box springs,  exterior paint finishes for customer decorating preferences, and the like.

There was an ongoing and continuing build-up of client requests for the workshop to expand its scope of work to include non-antique furniture pieces.

Consequently, the workshop opened its doors to the public in 2008 and called itself, "Restorers Without Borders."

The demand has continued to grow, and, since that time, the workshop has quadrupled its staffing from two to eight woodworkers and has expanded its physical space fourfold.

The lion's share of incoming work is on non-antique pieces and the current staff is highly qualified to work on any type of woodworking project -- new or old.

Happily, the staff works as a team and consults with one another on a continuing basis, thereby allowing a pooling of its skills sets and providing customers with pleasing results!

Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and unsolicited positive remarks and reviews have been ever-expanding.

Restorers Without Borders staffing has often been described as "woodworking magicians" and it is fair to say that these "magicians" have yet to 'meet a woodworking project that defies their skills.’