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“Very prompt and responsive service.  Accurate price quote.  Friendly and professional service from owners.  High quality work delivered on time.  The luster of the table was beautifully restored and the chips and gaps in the inlaid pieces were carefully dealt with as well so that the overall table looks enormously improved.”

We recently acquired dining room set (circa 1930's) that includes a large dining room table (75"x47" with 5 additional leaves). The table was in relatively good structural condition and although it has not been abused, the finish had not been properly cared for several decades and was in need of professional restoration. It was obvious to us the table and set had potential, but we were worried about finding the right people for the work.  After doing some research online and talking to a few friends who had furniture restored we contacted "Restorer's Without Borders".

We were able to able to arrange a convenient appointment quickly and Alfonso and Jeff arrived a minute or two ahead of the scheduled time.  After examining the table and additional leaves, they explained what would be involved to properly restore the table and also pointed out some damage we had not noticed. They were able to provide us with quotation on the spot.  Based on my experience with property insurance (20+years in the field) and a discussion with my wife (essential!), we agreed to go ahead with the work and arranged a time for pick up.

The pick up was equally prompt and they were very careful removing the table (2nd Flr.). The work was completed in line with their time estimate and when contacted to arrange delivery we were told "Everyone who sees this table is floored."   I thought "Okay, we'll see."  They were right - me, my wife and everyone who has seen the table has been amazed.  We thought the set had potential, but did not really know how much potential.  We don't know what this table looked like when new, but I can't imagine it looked better than it does today.

It might be obvious, but I would unreservedly recommend "Restorers Without Borders" for any furniture restoration project you care about.  I have subsequently used them for several other pieces and each experience has been a carbon copy of our experience with the dining room table.

Stephen J.

P.S. (do you remember carbon copies?)

“Restorers without Borders was amazing.  Their customer services was excellent.  My son, not realizing he's 15 took a flying leap across the room, landed and broke our bed.  I didn't even think it was fixable due to the way it broke.  In the end it was a pretty tough work around to fix it.  They were great, called me with an estimate and explanation of what their work would be.  I would go back to them again and again.  I highly recommend them.  This was my first search on Angie's list and I couldn't be more impressed. 


“They restored an antique iron bed "3/4" frame that was badly rusted and missing the side bars that should have held the bed together. They removed the old paint and rust, rebuilt the bed with their own structural system, and converted it to a double bed.

Member Comments: 

Restorers Without Borders was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. The final product was quite spectacular. They were flexible, creative, and very responsive. Their estimate was fair and accurate. They were wonderfully careful in their ongoing attention to every detail. The best example of the extraordinary service they provided is what happened when they delivered the bed. I had ordered a mattress and box spring, and planned to go pick them up myself -- once the rain stopped. Because of the conversion to a double bed, Alfonso was not content to leave the bed to wait for the mattress. He wasn't leaving until he saw the bed all assembled and was satisfied that everything fit. So Alfonso and Jeff offered to take their van to pick up the mattress and box spring themselves, at no extra charge to me! They did, and the mattress and box spring fit perfectly. It is rare to find a company this committed to quality and customer service. I plan to use them again, and recommend them without hesitation!”


“I needed a special service of new coils in my favorite sofa while I went through cancer treatment.  They called me through every step of the "sofa autopsy" so I knew exactly when needed to be done and how much it was going to cost.

A breath of fresh air to have a service company want to service you versus working around their wants and needs.  Jeff was so great to work with.  He was honest in his assessment and pricing, pleasurable on the phone and in-person.  I needed my sofas fixed quickly because I was sick and needed it for rest as well as nightly sleeping till I got better.  He turned the job around so quickly I didn't realize it was ever gone.  I recommended him to my friends.”

“They disassembled a 35-year-old oak trestle table, then reglued and replaced interior hardware, to get the 'wobble' out;  they also refinished the trestle, including its 'feet,' which had been chewed by dogs, and refinished the tabletop, which bore the marks of 30 years hard service.  As others have noticed, their work is not inexpensive.  But you get what you pay for, and I consider myself the recipient of an extraordinarily good restoration.  The shop also fixed an armchair that goes with the table:  its rush seat had been shredded.  They were capable not only of the rush work, which is tricky business, but have someone on staff to color-match the rush to the original.  The chair is now restored to glory.

The shop promptly returned my call, and arranged for an inspection of the pieces -- a dining table and one of its chairs -- in my home.  I had had others examine the furniture, and some prices quoted were considerably less than Restorers Without Borders.  However, the cheaper work proposals were not what I was looking for:  For example, one proposal was to add new exterior bracing to the table trestle, which I felt would have destroyed the look and design of the table, and to use rush of another color for the chair.  That company doesn't charge for coming to your house, or for transporting your furniture to and from their workshop, but I felt the work they proposed would have transformed my table and chair into something different, rather than restoring them to their original beauty and integrity.”

I had a great experience with Afonso Mageski and the team at Restorers Without Borders. They restored two table tops that had water marks and then a small painted tea chest.

Member Comments: 

The work was first class, it was a pleasure to work with them, they kept me informed throughout the process through email (including pictures of the work as it was progressing). I would recommend them without hesitation.


A Folding top desk with inlaid wood and Mother of Pearl. This was a piece that we considered not keeping as its potential was not obvious to us. We asked Jeff and Afonso to take a look at it and they immediately recognized it as a quality piece with great potential.  The completed restoration is a great success and is another piece that has gone from being in hiding, to being a focal point of the room.